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     MSIT - Program ,

     JNTUK -Learning Center,

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     Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.

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E-Learning for all techno crafts 

  The main objective of this website is to help the Diploma and Engineering Students exclusively for electronics and Computer Science domains.  
   I am ready to provide my services to the students who are interested  in  E-Learning. E-Learning is the need of the hour , especially in the domain of Electronics and Information Technology. This dynamic teaching methodology has replaced the teacher by providing 24/7 accessibility to learning throughout the world.

We can support in the following Areas ....

Hardware Development (H/W Domain)

Bootstrap Example

Subjects (Electronics) Resource URL
Electronic Devices and Circuits https://www.electronics-tutorials.ws/
Digital Electronics (Digital Logic Design) Click Here to Get URL
Electronic Communication Systems Click Here to Get URL
Electronic Sensors & Transducers https://www.electronics-tutorials.ws/io/io_1.html
Microprocessors and Micro controllers Click Here to Get URL
Internet of the Things ( IoT ) Click Here to Get URL

Software Development (S/W Domain)

Programming Languages & Technologies

C , C++ , JAVA , JSP , Servlets, PHP, VB.Net , C#.Net, ASP.Net, Web Technologies , Android,Data Science , Python ,Cloud Computing, A I Imp URL's :


Oracle 7.3 to Oracle 10 g,MySQL 5.0,PostgreSQL 8.1,MS SQL Server 2000